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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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from mike. nice to see both of you this morning and the marine lay we of clouds. they are not too thick. visibility is four. same in half moon bay and everyone else is okay. obviously if you drive up in elevation you will run into the clouds because they are low. also, shallow and we will have sunshine quickly around the bay, and we will be 64 by noon and breezy by the sure line at 4:00 and 62 so you may node a coat at 7:00. inland we are cloudy and in the 50's and we will be sunny and 74 at balloon and 80 by 4:00 and a mild 71 at 7:00. it will be hard to shake the clouds and it will be breezy with temperatures in the low 60's. >> westbound highway 24 up to broadway that is where we have the accident involving a motorcycle with possible injuries involved and the active scene is causing delays away from 13 and through the tunnel getting busy.
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as you come in from berkeley, up to the maze, westbound 80 at 580 the traffic is moving along difficult sently and you get up to the tolls the metering lights are turned on and you can see the traffic is stacked all the way from emeryville and it will be busy ride into san francisco. we start in the east bay where a string of sexual assaults are under investigation with the most recent a couple weeks ago. our reporter joins us from concord with the just released sketch of the suspect that police want you to look at. amy hollyfield? the women are attacked from behind while on a walking path in concord. this is between south and north no one has been hurt. the women is not reported seeing
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a weapon. the times vary, one happened at noon and two others happened in the evening. the women did join the man and they have come up with this sketch of what they think he might look like. the women believe he is a teenager and he is either asian or hispanic. he has short dark hair and is 5' 6" and has a thin to average build. officers do think he lives in the area. there was an attack if march and two attacks in month. police now getting the word out so women can be on the look out. we are continuing to follow breaking news in the newsroom, emergency cruise are on the scene of a bad track with a tour because and a semi truck at the california and arizona border on interstate ten. four have been killed and multiple people are flown to the hospital. the semi knack jived. breaking news continues on
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twitter@abc7newsbayarea. un. >> a quiet neighborhood is the scene of a horrible crime, three girls all young are than age three were killed to their own home. katie marzullo is following developments in newsroom. katie? >> the two little girls and baby were stabbed to death with a kitchen knife. investigators are not confirming that as the cause of death. the children were aging three, two, and two months. the mother, 30-year-old, is behind bars after first being taken to the hospital for evaluation. these are photos from facebook. reportedly, she called her mother and said she was going crazy and the mother came to the house and found the girls dead at 5:30 last night. a lieutenant says that the husband was home but working outside the house. investigators have not reveal add possible motive but there are plenty of series in the
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neighborhood. >> it is very sad. the mom is on drugs. i heard that. very sad. sad. hours after the killings, well into the overnight hours police were still on the scene in the neighborhood and neighbors say the mother was covered in blood when found the it is not clear if she hurt her sell or trying to kill herself. a lieutenant says she did mutt say -- not say anything to investigators. we are reporting that officials will announce a widespread child porn sting led to dozens of arrests including people in positions of trust such as police officers, firefighters, nurses, a rabbi, a youth baseball coach and even a boy scout leader. agents say the porn was discovered on file sharing networks. no word if anyone from the bay area is tied to the sting. new this morning the family
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of audrie pott is fire become at a candidate in the santa clara county sheriff's race. she killed herself in 2012 when sexually assaulted at a party in saratoga. three boys pleaded guilty. the family is now taking issue with the mailer sent out by the man running against the incumbent chef. it looks like the pots family supports jenson. here is the mailer outlining what he says are blunders in the investigation claiming ever was last. the pots' family calls it tasteless and have not endorsed anyone. >> new details on the closure of pryman college in san jose. the cool's president says the cool will re-open today the health care school was served with eviction notice and shut down on monday. the bryman president will say this dispute is resolved and classes will resume. matt keller will have more at
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6:30. bicyclists are planning a memorial bicycle ride in san francisco and around the world to honor other bicyclists killed on the roads and advocate for safer streets. the ride of silence memorial ride starts at the sports basement on bryant street at 6:00 p.m. and will stop at places where riders have died since 2006. >> bicyclists will ride in a seven mile route through the south of market and mid-market neighbors and back to the mission. >> developers hoping to build two high-rises near jack london square will ask for the go lady and one will stand 17 stories high and the other 26 stories high near the waterfront. opponents say the towers will limit public access to jack london square. the development firm will ask the city to allow the towers to
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be built for housing. >> redwood city is offering a rebate for resident whose rip our their lawns removed to be replaced with drought tolerant plants part of the the "lawn be gone program" to reduce the lawn that needs irrigation. lombard street will be closed if part of the busy tourist decision after neighbors complained of traffic and accidents. the street will close from noon to five o'clock p.m. influence part of the per and the fourth of july. the windy city may have blown san francisco out of running to host george lucas planned art ask film museum offering a water front site near soldier field to george lounge
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was to build his collection of arrests and memorabelia but the mayor of san francisco says we can do better offering a site near pier 30 and 32 near the warriors arena. lucas will make the decision this summer. >> there is a little haze out there. >> marine layer clouds are back and no flight arrival delays in sfo so that is good with winds blowing in the central valley but for mountain view and novato and santa rosa. now the wind headed to the afternoon, it could pick up a little bit as it blows inland again and i think we have a warmer air mass over the top of us and with the sunshine we should be warmer as we head into the afternoon hours. right now if you are headed out especially in the south bay we are in the low-to-mid 50's and calistoga and novato and bodega
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bay in the upper 40's. >> the accident is now a sig-alert westbound highway 24 is at broadway involving a motorcycle and incredit so we have one lane blocked and c.h.p. is out on the scene with an ambulance headed there. we have stop-and-go traffic through tunnel. 580, is 45 minutes from tracy to dublin and highway four loading up antioch to concord and here is the look at walnut creek southbound 680 around main it does not appear the sig-alert is affecting the drive on 680 but we will keep you updated. over to you. >> it is 6:09. the virus you may be carrying that you are not aware of. >> a tv cop finds himself on the other side of the law accused of killing his wife. coming up, the trouble actor michael jace was facing before the murder his wife. >> marijuana is standing in the way of the f.b.i. protecting the
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country from cyberterrorists.
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 6:13 on wednesday. a look at the coit tower you can see the clouds. mike will tell us what it means for us in a couple of minutes. >> a wildfire burning outside of flag staff, arizona, has led to the evacuation of hundreds of homes and businesses and is 450 acres if a state park in northern arizona. it protect out yesterday afternoon. 100 structures including vacation homes and businesses are threatened. officials have determined the fire was human caused. they investigating. 100 firefighter are balancing the blaze. >> now the murder of the wife of michael jace, they are looking into financial and marital difficulty. he confessed to shooting his wife on monday. he recently played a cope -- a
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cop on "the shield," he filed bankruptcy. he and his wife got in an argument after she picked the sons up from baseball practice. the boys were home. >> knowing their mom is decease asked their father responsible is unfortunate. >> the documents show jace defaulted on a $400,000 mortgage on the south los angeles home. >> two-thirds of americans are carrying hpv virus according to a just released study. this is not cause for alarm because the environmental are yous -- the viruses are mostly design. there are 109 types and only two cause cancer. petco will stop selling dog and cat treats made in china by
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end of the year after the treats were lamed for deaths of a thousand dogs and 4,400 other pets getting sick. investigators can not determine the cause. america america will have more on the story at 7:00. fbi could be getting ready tolessen up the pot policy for employees. fbi director announced this week that the agency is having trouble recruiting talented computer programmers because too many like smoking marijuana. he needs to hire a work force to compete with cyber criminals but some of the kids want to smoke weed. f.b.i. policy bars employment to anyone who has smoked pot in past three years. >> will she or won't she run for president? that is the question hillary clinton will likely face when she sits down with diane sawyer interviewing june 19 coinciding with the release of clinton's
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new book. many think the book is setting up an announcement for a run in 2016. the former secretary of state is the leading democratic contender. after the interview, robin roberts has the first live interview june 10 on gma. >> marine layer is back, so maybe drizzle, too. >> little on the coast. the marine layer will be thicker tonight leading to clouds tomorrow. maybe flight arrival delays into sfo but not so far this morning. now, yesterday, we talked about the snow in the sierra and this is yesterday afternoon. look at that, 1.5" at pal pine meadows and in novato we had 7" on the higher peaks. it is raining up there and we take the know and rain when we can get it.
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the snow is south of lake tahoe but it will turn to rain the next couple of hours. sutro tower shows the clouds lifting and trying to blot out the sunshine but it will only do it through the morning hours. this afternoon, the sun will win out and the warming trend begins, clouds and drizzle return tonight and summer warmth for the holiday week. walnut creek and down in san jose the clouds are not so thick so that will be the warm spots because you get the sunshine first. in san jose, 77 degrees is close to average, and 80 in los gatos and morgan hill and mid-to-upper 70's on the peninsula and low 60's along the coast and the clouds are stubborn to mid-60 with more sunshine around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and 68 and patchy fog and low-to-mid 60's along the not bay beaches and santa rosa and napa at 80 and
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low-to-mid 70's for the east bay shore but berkeley and richmond are behind in the upper 60 and upper 70's to low 80's throughout the east bay valley. look the at the cloud cover, more extensive with the best chance of drizzle along the coast and the east bay hills. the low is slowly moving away from us and because of that, it will backwash high clouds to the afternoon and look at this, pretty sunny until they come in and overnight much watt drone -- want the green along the coast. the seven-day forecast is warmer tomorrow as the air mass settles and by saturday and sunday 90's around our inland areas and 80 around the bay and soviet -- 70's close to the coast. >> the sig-alert is cleared and has left us with a backup. westbound highway 24 at broadway is where we had an accident involving a motorcycle with injuries involved and the ambulance came and c.h.p. were on scene blocking one lane for
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quite some time and that caused a backup through the tunnel and slow-and-go traffic from orinda. you will apply the breaks at fish ranch. the dry along northbound 280, that accident has cleared and here is a look at the toll plaza and it is nice can clear. across the water, this is what you find headed up to 580 it is busy and moving along and at the golden gate bridge wide open headed into san francisco to no delays for you there the there you go, nice and clear. >> thank you, the c.e.o. of san francisco-based levi has some dirty laundry revealing surprising information about your jeans. but first, brand new mirror ball
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>> good morning, on wednesday. check out the vessels of the day
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to this push but you mostly notice the marine layer is back and mike nicco will talk about forecast and the surprises ahead. >> olympic gold medalist can now add a mirror ball trophy to the awards. ♪ you make me ♪ feel uncredible ♪ unbelievable >> she and her partner are big winners. she were withed to win for missile the first ever dance dance -- "dancing with the stars" win. this was the inspirational story. >> morning news will be right back at 6:23. stay with u
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stories your friends will share. tomorrow. get ahead of the curve. you can check out the abc7 e and see why it is better. i love that daily distraction. >> as we move on with more news, we will check on the weather forecast from mike. what about the marine layer? >> it is in. it will not be formidable after we get past 10:00 with a lot of sunshine around the bay and inland. >> the clouds will cling to the coast longer. we have three miles per hour in half moon bay and the fog is starting to form in 101 corridor. today, most of us are starting off gray with temperatures in the 50's by noon and the clouds back at the coast holding you at
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58. we are in the mid-60's and 74 i land and were toking out at 78 and back to average under sunny skies. in the evening, yap a coat we are in the low 60's but inland is 72 and milder. >> leyla gulen? >> we have mass tran it full steam ahead and bart has 53 trains on time and ferries have no delays and ace train three and five are on time. now, what is happening in the north bay we have a stalled vehicle northbound 101 and construction material blocking a lane so if you are traveling away from 37 in the northbound direction you could find it southbound side is not a problem. traffic is starting to recover here we were down to 29 miles per hour and it is picking up after a sig-alert canceled. the rest of the drive from lafayette and orinda you are at top speeds leaving walnut creek so no delays. we will have a look outside in a
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couple of minutes. breaking news from southern california right now, a bad crash involving a tour bus and a big rig. the accident happened this morning on interstate ten near the california and arizona state line. four people were killed. several others have been transported to the hospitals. they getting 17 patients in local hospitals. i-10 is closed in both directions through the area. the big rig lost a load of pipes and the bus swerved to avoid it and it went east interstate and overturned. the bus is operated by el paso los angeles limousines, a chatter company based in texas. our breaking news coverage continues on twitter. happening today a south bay landlord has agreed to a deal that allows students to return to a usual toed vocational school two days after being shut down if a rent dispute. matt keller is at bryman
6:31 am
college. >> are you leaf at -- relief at bryman college. the students are relieved to be back with classes back in session. here are the faculty members opening up. the 6:00 a.m. is training for dental assistant. the attorney says the owners of bryman college owed $80,000 in back rent. the sheriff carried out an eviction order on monday and posting "no trespassing signs," with no classes held yesterday. students were upset they were paying thousands and the school was not pay rent. >> i was upset, i went law a lot of different emotions. i was mad, and didn't know where the credits would go or what we could do. >> the college president says the dispute was resolved with the landlord.
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there are courses for meantal and dental assistant and in sanction therapy. school starts at 6:00 a.m. and goes until 10:00 p.m. san francisco police are investigating the latest killing after a man was found shot in the head in portrero hill neighborhood and found at 9:15 last night on turner terrace near the portrero hill public housing area. the victim was taken to san francisco general where he died. police say additional officers were called out to the scene to contain a large crowd that gathered there. no arrests have been made. the santa clara judge will listen to public comment over his decision to release a serial rapist into a sparsely populate part of los angeles county. the 63-year-old be released into the community where residents have made the 350 mile trip to voice concerns and present
6:33 am
thousands of letters in opposition of the release. authorities announced a lap lord -- landlord agreed to rent after another landlord pulled the offer. he said he raped nearly 40 women between 1981 and 1982. a 30-year-old mother is under arrest for killing her three young daughters. the grandmother made the discovery in torrance if los angeles county. the sheriff say the children ranged in age from two months to three years. detectives are not saying what the motive may have been. the husband and the girl's father was outside of home. >> in san jose the search is on for a pair of arsonists behind an attack again the south bay family. surveillance video caught the crime in regular yesterday. this s.u.v. was doused with gasoline and sets the vehicle on fire.
6:34 am
the flames spread to the other car. arson investigators questions the family who believe they are being targeted. >> they are heartless. cold blooded. they do not think of anything else we but vengeance. >> he says the family has been attacked before and the tires were slashed and paint thrown on the car this month. members of the vietnamese community fear the attack could be racially motivated. >> a vigil is held for a san lenadro teen killed when she was hit by an amtrak train. the 18-year-old was wearing ear buds and did not hear or see the train. it happened on monday night in spring lake drive near the apartment complex where she lived with her family the she was taking a walk to couple down after an argument on the phone. the vigil is held at 8:00 at the high school where sill have was a -- where silva was a senior.
6:35 am
the action transit chief financial officer will enter a plea on embezzlement for taking 500,000 from a batch test church in east oakland. clinton was in charge of the financial accounts. he spent the money on luxury car s, kids' tuition and golf club membership. officials at a.c. transit are confident the money is safe. >> students and parents join the fight after a teacher was let go for challenging a controversial morality clause of a local catholic high school. bishop o'dowd teacher signed but crossed out portions of her contract demanding the teachers conform with teachings of the catholic faith in professional and personal right including reproduction and gay and lesbian rights. students nearly walked owe but
6:36 am
it was called off after a plea from the principle on the intercom. >> it is wrong. we are said to be a community of diverse. >> this contract is a huge step backwards and strips employees of civil rights. >> some parents are threatening to withhold donations and created a facebook page calling for a protest on may 30th. the bishop will meet with parents and students by next week because of the outcry. >> multiple sexual assaults under investigation in the east bay and police are asking for help from the public. >> forget delays there is more to worry about when you are flying with a deadly passengers you did not know are this. >> you can see the oakland maze with traffic moving fine under overcast skies with marine layer of clouds are back.
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this is how it look at sfo with the cloud deck and the runway, 62 minute flight arrival delays. haze around san rafael but the thickest fog is to the north on 101. closer you are to the coast the least likely you will warm, san
6:40 am
francisco is one, oakland two, mountain view, now, eight confront is eight degrees warmer at 82789 rain and high snow showers in the sierra. that is the case through the day. 59 in lake tahoe. upper 80's to nearly 90 at sacramento and 67 in san diego and only 71 if los angeles. >> 101 headed to santa rosa is where you could fine the fog so showdown and be careful. we are at top speeds as you continue in the southbound direction. look at that, heavy traffic bumper-to-bumper traffic at 21 miles per hour at lakeville hope and a crash has been pulled to the shoulder. you could see activity. it things out from there. it continues past san rafael. mill valley is at top speed. we have this, a big project. it is going to start tomorrow night over the memorial day holiday. for five days the entire stretch of southbound 280 between king
6:41 am
and person avenue closed from tuesday until 6:00 a.m. >> a breakfast staple could have a big price hike. >> could you go weeks without washing your jeans? or months? or never? >> the c.e.o. of levis tells us how long you should toss your jeans in the wash.
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all of the bay area. >> there have been a string of sexual asaws and the police are asking the public for help and amy hollyfield has a sketch from detectives. the women say they are surprised to hear this is happening on this path. they have not been told about it. the three women have come forward and reported being attacked. they say someone came up behind them and groped them over their clothes and ran off. no one has been hurt. the women have not reported seeing a weapon. the times of the attack have varied: one at noon, two in the
6:45 am
evening. this is happening between northbound and southbound larwin avenue on conquer. i try not to come here alone for that reason but there are a lot of people so i am surprised the person has an opportunity to do that especially in the evening it is crowds walking up-and-down here. >> women described the attacker to police who came up with this sketch of what they this he looks like and they believe he is a teen. they say he is either asian or hispanic with short dark hair and 5' 6" with thin to average build and they think he lives in the area. one attack happened in march. two happened this month. they are getting the word out so women can be on guard. happening now, we take you to new york after years fleet weep has returned to the big
6:46 am
apple. navy sheets and coast guard cutters are arriving at the harbor today and the city is celebrateing america fleet services. the celebration was not held in new york last year because of federal budgets and same for san francisco's fleet week that was canceled but it, too, will return in october. those are some of the vessels now in new york harbor. >> from new york city, the new 9/11 memorial museum at ground zero is open to the public opening the doors 45 minutes ago at 6:00 a.m. our tomorrow. president obama and others dedicated the museum and now the public can look. admission is $24. a study could make you think device about flying. researchers found deadly germs can live in the plane's environment for a week or longer with tray tables and window shades and seat pockets the worst. use alcohol-based cloth to wipe
6:47 am
down the areas and sanitize your hand when you fly. trading is underway on wall street. well look at the big board and see the dow is up in triple digit territory of 111 points to 16485. >> ebay has been hacked. the popular on-line site is you customers to change their passwords as hackers slipped into a database. ebay said a cyber attack compromised the database containing encrypted passwords but does not have evidence that financial data was compromised. they say changing passwords is the best course of action. the price of popular breakfast cereals could soar the necessary 15 years as a result of climate change. a new report from oxfam says rice and wheat and corn will
6:48 am
rise dramatically and could drive up the price of kix and corn flakes by 20 percent by 2030. >> los gatos netflix has its eye on another major international expansion, planning to really out the subscription service in since european countries including germany and france. the expansion follows the launch in the u.k. and several other western european countries a couple of years ago. netflix is making a push on the continent hoping to increase the number of worldwide subscribers. the c.e.o. of levi says the secret to keeping jeans looking new and lasting longer is never, ever, wash them. >> our kids knew the secret all along! the head in a question-and-answer says never let a washing machine come between you and your jeans. >> jeans are a year old and those have yet to see a washing
6:49 am
machine. i know it sounds totally disgusting. >> how often should you wash the bluejeans? >> not often. some will say don't wash them. >> how are you surprised to cope people from running away from you screaming? experts suggest spraying with white vinegar or vodka and recommend freezing your jeans once a month to kill off the smell. >> that sounds comfortable, put your jeans on after they have been in the freezer. >> i have lived in minnesota...that is the same thing. that is request i am wearing the same jeans. >> right now? >> smells great. >> thank goodness for my allergies. >> moving on... >> thank you! >> good morning, everyone, live
6:50 am
doppler 7 hd shows it is dry and walnut creek and all sunshine you will be a warmer spot today as we make a run to nearly 80 inland and right now you are at 53 togethers and most of the valley is in the mid-50's and we are in the upper 50's around pleasanton and livermore and mid-50's along bay shoreline to san jose at 56 and los gatos and santa rosa are cool at 49 and novato is coolest at 46. in san jose, 280 at 17 you can see the sunshine breaking out and again, inland areas are warmest and you will see the sunshine first and clouds return with drizzle possible tonight and summer warm for the holiday week. 77 in san jose and spot on for today and 80 in los gatos and morgan hill and mid-to-upper 70's on the peninsula and mill bay is cooler at 9 and low 60's
6:51 am
along the coast with more sunshine on the bay side and downtown and south san francisco and the mid-60's and sausalito is 68 and a few patches of sunshine and low-to-mid 60's and nearly 80 in santa rosa and upper 60's in richmond and berkeley and alameda and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's. we will have upper 70's to low 80's in the east bay valley. you can see the extensive nature of the cloud cover. temperatures are the same, upper 40's if napa and santa rosa and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 50's and area of low pressure is slowing pulling away today and it will not let the high pressure take over and dominate the weather physical friday but you can see a clearing by noon and with that afternoon sunshine temperatures are back to average and warmer tomorrow anded heat peaks on sunday at the
6:52 am
>> well look at mass transit. we have 57 bart trains running on time, and ace train is two minutes late and five and seven are early or on time. >> we have slowing in certain places but as we look at the maze right now the breeze is slowing down with the brake lights applied close to the toll plaza. the toll plaza is bumper-to-bumper traffic and slow going as you continue interest san francisco and it will take you 20 minutes. here is a final look at the san mateo bridge the drive is loading up so, now, continue miles per hours it make it from hayward for foster city. :52. seven things to know before you go.
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morning news returns in
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at here are seven things to know today: breaking news, interstate ten is shut down in southern california after a bad accident involving a tour bus and a big rig. four people are dead. it happened early this morning east hot springs. one hospital reports getting 17 patients. the bus overturned after swerving to avoid a load of
6:55 am
pipes the big rig spilled. >> concord police are asking for help in identifying a teen who assaulted three women in separate incidents on a popular walking trail. he sneaked up hype them on the walking path and groped them. >> authorities are searching for a motive in a gruesome crime. a 30-year-old mother is suspected of stabbing to death her three young daughters ages three, two, and two months. the grandmother found them in the home last night. a south bay veto casual school is back open two days after suddenly shutting down. students the bryman college returned to class in san jose. the school says the closings with an issue over unpaid rent which the school principal says has been resolved. five, 26 facilities belonging to the d veterans affairs are being investigated for allegations of delayed treatment and prevent average death for military veterans. the president is expected to make a statement at 7:45 this
6:56 am
morning and we will carry a special report and will stream it for you on tracking low clouds on live doppler 7 hd and santa rosa went from three miles and 2.5 miles. you can see the golden gate bridge it is hazy but not too foggy. 101 southbound the drive coming into san rafael is looking quite busy and, also, the drive through berkeley up to the maze and eastbound side a stall blocking one lane and drive time track will take you an hour over the altamont pass into dublin. >> thank you. we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices and we are back in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" next.
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good morning, america. breaking right now. brand-new wildfires erupt overnight. towering flames reach the top of trees near a popular tourist destination. another fire shuts down this major interstate. this burning rv sparking the blaze. mandatory evacuations ordered at this hour. also breaking out west the deadly bus accident on the arizona-california border. big rigs, spilling pipes. forced the bus of the road. details just coming in. prince charles takes aim. comparing vladimir putin to hitler. saying his actions in ukraine are like the nazi dictator during world war ii. the palace issuing a statement this morning about his private conversations. ♪ i got a feeling meryl and maks. >> meryl and maks are dancing's new champions.


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